China says reunification with Taiwan 'inevitable'


China called reunification with Taiwan

China calls reunification with Taiwan “inevitable”/!Visa-peace”

China releases bulletin under titled “Taiwan Question and China Unification in a New Era”, where Beijing showed its position on Taiwan.


It states that Taiwan will “inevitably reunite” from China.

Beijing seeks to take control of Taiwan

Yes, the pamphlet contains the thesis about the inevitability of “complete reunification of the motherland” It says that this is allegedly “the common desire of all Chinese sons and daughters”.

Potential unification is presented there as an inevitable historical pattern based on the principles of the founders of the modern PRC – Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

Beijing does not rule out military scenarios for capturing the island

The Chinese authorities said that Beijing is “ready to create a broad space for peaceful reunification.” they do not exclude the use of force to seize Taiwan, “when there is no other choice.”

They also said that after joining China, Taiwan will have a high degree of autonomy and will be able to introduce a social system that is different from the mainland.< /p>

Recall that recently the Chinese armed forces announced new military exercises near the island of Taiwan – in the seas and airspace around the island.

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