China seeks to be smarter: why Xi Jinping does not confirm a visit to Moscow


China seeks to be smarter: why Xi Jinping does not confirm a visit to Moscow

China is increasingly joining the theme of Russia's war against Ukraine. In this process, Beijing is guided solely by its own interests.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Chinese leader Xi Jinping is going to visit Moscow on March 21.

However, the Chinese authorities do not advertise their intentions and do not officially confirm the visit to Russia.

It is very Chinese style to keep everything in limbo until the last minute. Probably, Xi's visit to Moscow is being prepared. But the Chinese reserve the right to change their mind,” Feigin said.

According to him, in this case, China can say that, they say, no visit was planned.

After visit to Moscow, Xi plans to talk with Zelensky

Feigin believes that it is unlikely that Xi Jinping is going to Vladimir Putin in order to support the Russian dictator or provide him with weapons.

After all, the media have leaked information that after a visit to Moscow, the Chinese leader may call Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

If China, together with Putin, wanted to defeat everyone, Xi would have acted differently . Then there would not have been this information about the conversation with Zelensky. And Xi Jinping has such plans. China is trying to be more cunning in this whole situation,” the human rights activist said.

Stream by Andriana Kucher and Mark Feigin: watch the full video

China already got Russia, now encroaching on Taiwan

According to him, Beijing, to a certain extent, acts as a lawyer for Moscow and is trying to save Vladimir Putin. However, it seeks to do this at a price that would be beneficial to China itself.

Xi Jinping met with US President Joe Biden in November 2022 on the sidelines of the G20 leaders' summit. There they decided everything about Russia. The US no longer resists China's slow expansion into Russia, Feigin said.

He added that Beijing has already reached the point that the entire Eurasian space of Russia has fallen into its zone of influence. And now China wants Taiwan as well . According to Feigin, this problem is almost impossible to solve.

China tries to challenge US role

However, China hopes to be able to make some progress on the Taiwan issue by mediating Russia's war against Ukraine.

Xi Jinping wants to act as a peacemaker in a certain way, because he can have contact with both sides of the conflict, the human rights activist said.

He added that Kyiv is theoretically ready to accept such intermediary assistance. After all, Vladimir Zelensky does not refuse to talk with Xi Jinping.

Also, according to Feygin, China is trying to challenge the role of the United States in this conflict.

“The United States is not a mentor for the two sides. Washington is a direct ally of Kyiv. And Beijing claims an intermediate position, since it is more profitable,” the human rights activist said.

Why Xi Jinping intervened in Russia's war against Ukraine

Feigin is convinced that Xi Jinping would not have intervened in the war if he had not seen that Moscow would lose to a group of Western allies along with Ukraine.

The Chinese understand that it is impossible to win this confrontation. And you need to get out of it so that Russia is completely “bare”, but remains in the form in which it is now, – the human rights activist explained.

He added that in this case, Beijing will be able to solve its economic problems at the expense of a weakened Russia.

How China's position on the war in Ukraine has changed: briefly

  • China's intentions to mediate a war between Russia and Ukraine testify to its desire to play in the “first league” on the world stage. The situation has reached the point where Russia is already paying for the war against Ukraine with Chinese expansion into the eastern, yet Russian, territories.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese leader Xi Jinping plans to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky. In all likelihood, he will do this after a visit to Moscow. This may be the first conversation between the leaders of China and Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • Russian publicist Andrei Piontkovsky emphasized that Ukraine does not need the efforts of the Chinese authorities to resolve the Ukrainian-Russian issue. In addition, China can actively influence the United States in this regard.

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