China showed the world its weight: can Xi Jinping “knock out” concessions on the war from Putin


China showed the world its weight: can Xi Jinping

If the head of China, Xi Jinping, cannot come to an agreement with the Russian dictator on the “correct” understanding of the “peace plan”, then this will be quite beneficial to Ukraine. In this case, it will be possible to count on a dialogue with the Chinese side.

Political scientist Igor Reyterovich told Channel 24 about this. According to him, it is still not worth waiting for decisive statements from Xi Jinping after his visit to Moscow.

What can China influence?

Igor Reiterovich explained that the Chinese president could ask Putin for concessions on the guarantee of extending the grain agreement. Also, in the prism of their relationship, one can speak of a compromise on the shelling of Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

But we must understand that this is not enough. This will not cancel the fact that part of our territories are now temporarily occupied, he is convinced.

In his opinion, the only key concession is to get Putin out of Ukraine entirely.

“We are realists and we understand that this will not happen yet. The circumstances of China, for example, are not in such a way that they would talk about it,” the political scientist emphasized.

According to him, nevertheless, the Chinese authorities can persuade the Kremlin to such a decision, however, under conditions that are rather unfavorable for Ukraine. We are talking about creating something like the Minsk agreements.

Igor Reiterovich explained what concessions China and Russia could agree on: watch the video

Under what conditions will Ukraine play

Igor Reiterovich said that neither Ukraine nor the United States, of course, are satisfied with such conditions.

“This is objectively beneficial for Russia and beneficial to a certain extent for China, so any serious and cardinal concessions are unlikely to appear immediately after the visit, but there may be an attempt to play the game “we agreed on something there” or as they like to talk in the East about “Strategies of small steps,” he pointed out.

In his opinion, now China needs a break.

We need to be prepared for the fact that there will be no cardinal statements and proposals to Ukraine from China,” he stressed.

Reiterovich is convinced that what matters is how Xi Jinping and Putin interpret the first point of the peace plan.

“If they have disagreements over it, then this is a chance for us, in principle, to start our own game and our own line of some kind of relationship with China,” he said.

The political scientist noted that there are still fears that Xi Jinping will not have a final answer on how exactly Russian troops should be withdrawn from Ukraine – to the state borders of 1991 or simply remain on the front line.

Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: in brief

  • In preparation for the Chinese leader's visit to Russia, Vladimir Putin issued an entire article on Russian-Chinese relations. In it, the dictator says that relations between Russia and China are built on “trust, respect for each other's sovereignty and interests.”
  • People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Dunda suggested that during his visit to Moscow, Xi Jinping would most likely decide on the issue of complete control over Russia.
  • Political technologist Yuri Podorozhny noted that China benefits from a weakened Russia. At the same time, Beijing continues to support Moscow, since it needs it as a “buffer” in its confrontation with the United States.

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