China wants to “freeze” the war forever, and Putin wants to recharge and attack again, – political scientist


China wants to

The Chinese scenario is to “freeze” the war forever. It seems to say an appeal to Russia that “do not raise this war any more, agree to defeat and accept what we win out.”

Political scientist Mykola Davydyuk said this on the air of Channel 24 . He noted that Putin did not agree to this. The Russian dictator wants to leave, recharge, wait 3-5 years and attack again. However, this is not what China wants.

The political scientist stressed that even between these partners there is no agreement. Putin does not tell all his ambitions and plans to Xi Jinping, but rather lies, deceives and manipulates. China partially understands this and also has a “plan B”:

  • Political liquidation of Putin.
  • Occupation or part of the territories, or complete, vassalage of Russia, which will become their pocket state. They will be able to manipulate it, like, for example, North Korea.

According to Davidyuk, this friendship began not just like that – Putin has already given the first advance payment. It is very easy to trace this through documents held by the Chinese government. They have a special commission like our Institute of National Remembrance – they raised the issue that 8 Russian cities should be renamed and returned back to the old Chinese names.

Such cities as Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and many others, which are familiar to Russians as Russian cities, were occupied by Russia 150 years ago. The old Chinese names will be returned to them again. This means that China has already begun the process of reintegrating the old territories. It happened 2 weeks ago,” the political scientist said.

“This is the answer to China's entry fee. This is not yet entry into the war – this is manipulation in the war. But even this is all a fee and China will begin to reintegrate these territories. Believe me, if China changed the names, then this part will be withdrawn 100%” , – summed up Nikolai Davydyuk.

Latest news on China

  • Western analysts believe that Beijing is carefully monitoring the progress of the hostilities of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Actually, China is probably studying the situation in order to later use it in a conflict with Taiwan, which is supported by the United States.
  • For the first time since the start of a full-scale war, Beijing has named Russia as its main partner. Such harsh statements were made by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Qin Gang.

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