China will benefit a lot from Ukraine's victory – foreign affairs official


China will benefit a lot from Ukraine's victory, internationalist

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Dictator Vladimir Putin hoped that defeating Ukraine would help destroy the so-called “unipolar world”. At the same time, everything is moving towards the fact that Russia will become a raw material appendage of China.

An international expert, professor at the Department of International Relations of the National Aviation University, spoke about this Channel 24 Maxim Yali. According to him, China also experiences certain inconveniences from Russia's war against Ukraine and is interested in everything being over as soon as possible.

China is also suffering from this. And support (Ukraine – Channel 24) at the diplomatic level is getting bigger with every victim, destroyed area, etc. After all, there are reciprocal reputational consequences for China itself. They also want everything to be over as soon as possible, but they cannot influence Putin,” Yali said.

According to him, China is unhappy with Russia's actions. No wonder there were reports in the media that Putin allegedly ditched Xi Jinping when he did not warn him of his intentions to launch a full-scale invasion.

China benefits from Ukraine's victory

As Yali noted, after Ukraine's victory, the world will become not multipolar, but bipolar. This is what US President Joe Biden said earlier, noting that future conflicts will be between democracies and autocracies – between the States and China.

Russia, during the war with Ukraine, is gradually turning into China's resource base. Moscow's dependence on Beijing is growing every day. The occupiers are forced to redirect the flow of oil and gas sales, which allows China to knock out discounts.

Every day Russia becomes more and more the resource base that China dreams of. It also has its own historical memory and a completely different perception of time. They remember the 19th century very well and want the return of their “primordially Chinese lands”, which Russia “bit off” at one time. They will wait for theirs. I would call China the biggest beneficiary of the war,” Yali said.

China could have supplied aid to Russia

  • There is evidence in US officials that some Chinese companies sold non-lethal equipment to Russia, which was used against Ukraine. The Biden administration has already expressed concern about this.
  • Russia could have received body armor and helmets from Chinese companies. The US believes that the Chinese government should take steps not to help the aggressor.
  • Secretary of State Tony Blinken is going to visit China in the coming weeks. He will probably discuss these non-lethal deliveries to Russia there.

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