China will make the most of the situation: will Russia make claims over coal


China will make the most of the situation: will Russia make claims over coal

There will be no discord over claims over coal, but only mutual interest. It is important for China that Russia at least not lose in the war with Ukraine.

Ilya Neskhodovsky, head of the analytical direction of the ANTS network, said this on the air of Channel 24 . He explained that in this case, China is left alone and it is important for him “that the dictator retreat from the territory of Ukraine, but Russia was not divided.”

What is the interest of Russia

Russia will not make claims, Neskhodovsky noted. If it spoils relations with China, it will be left without any alternative technology supplies for any products. At the same time, China will dominate and put forward its demands.

“For example, now it is leasing a significant part of the territory of Russia. Perhaps there are other conditions for extending the term of this lease, more brazen behavior in these territories, their increase, and so on. In a word, China will use this situation to the maximum,” the speaker noted.

Ilya Neskhodovsky on Russia's economic losses: watch video

Will China change plans?

Ilya Neskhodovsky hopes that perhaps China will develop a plan that will be directly beneficial for Ukraine.

Maybe China will think: it is not worth saving this person, this country, which will definitely be buried in the next 10 years. He can take a part of that pie and establish his own protectorate in Siberia, which is rich in various resources, the expert suggested on the air.

Russia – China: the latest

  • The Kremlin announced Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow: it will take place on March 20-22. It is known that during the talks with the leader of the PRC, the issue of developing comprehensive partnership relations and strategic interaction between Russia and China will be discussed.
  • This meeting will be one of the most important in recent years. Journalist Igor Yakovenko noted that Putin now needs a helping hand from China, which can change its neutral position on Russia's war against Ukraine in support of the aggressor country.
  • Most of all, Russia needs China in ammunition – and this is being actively discussed against the backdrop of the upcoming arrival of Xi Jinping. Military expert Petr Chernik noted that a partial provision of Chinese weapons to Moscow could take place, but one should not raise the bar on the scale of this issue.

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