China's Historical Borders: Xi Bite Off Russian Territories and Outline Position on Taiwan


China's Historical Borders: Xi Bite Off Russian Territories and Outline Position on Taiwan

The Ministry of Natural Resources of China presented a map of the world, which caused a lot of noise. The map shows Russian territories with Chinese names, as well as territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

The Chinese government has published explanations for the map. The report said that the national borders of the PRC are drawn in accordance with the standard map of China's national borders , approved and published by the State Council, writes Channel 24 .

At the same time , China's historical borders are drawn in accordance with the actual historical borders based on relevant historical materials. The national map of the People's Republic of China must accurately reflect the territory of China , and deviation from this instruction is a violation of the laws.

Image on the map of the islands of the South China Sea

In the explanation to the map, the Chinese government notes that Taiwan is the territory of China.

Four regions on a map of the South China Sea islands: Manila in the Philippines is shown to the east, Hanoi in Vietnam to the west, mainland China and the island of Taiwan south of the Tropic of Cancer is plotted to the north, and Kalimantan Island is plotted to the south.

For maps marked with country names (including the names of neighboring countries), when the South China Sea islands and the mainland are shown at the same time, the country name China is shown on the mainland.

If the image does not include mainland China, but includes part of the islands of the South China Sea, island names, Zengmu Shoal, Huangyan Island, etc. labeled “China”.

On maps that do not show the names of countries in China and neighboring countries, the names of countries are not reflected within the islands of the South China Sea, and the word “China” is not included in the names of the islands.

Taiwan Province is represented on the map as a provincial administrative unit. Taipei City is represented as the provincial capital. On a thematic map, Taiwan Province must indicate relevant thematic content in the same way as mainland China.

Territories of Russia with Chinese names

The PRC government also explained the use of toponyms on the map, in particular in the context of Russian regions. Here is a list of Russian regions that have received Chinese names:

  • Vladivostok – Khaishenvay,
  • Ussuriysk – Shuangchenzi,
  • Khabarovsk – Pain,
  • Blagoveshchensk – Hailanpao,
  • Sakhalin – Kuedao,
  • Nerchin – Nothing
  • Estate Range – Weixinan-ling.

Chinese map / Screenshot from Chinese government website

We are talking about the historical Chinese territories that passed to Russia in the 19th century after the signing of the Aigun Treaty. Dogorov recognized the right of the Russians to own part of Northern Manchuria (Western Primorye) and asserted the Russian-Tsensky border along the Amur River (Heilong).

Chinese leader Xi Jinping remembers the Aigun Treaty and will not let his people forget about it. Therefore, the new map of the PRC government should make the Chinese think.

Vladimir Putin can easily “sell” the loss of territories to the Russians. In particular, Russian women in territories that will again be under Chinese control will not lose their men, who could be mobilized for war.

Moreover, Russian men themselves will also benefit in the amount of 10 thousand dollars to start a family. China also wins, because inside its own country the government would have to pay even more, especially since brides in China are in short supply.

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