Chinese hackers accused of large-scale attack on the Russian state

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Chinese hackers accused of large-scale attack on the Russian state

The research company Group-IB has published a report, which speaks of the increased frequency of cyber attacks on Russian sites during 2020. Moreover, for resources that have critical infrastructure. According to the report, the hackers are sponsored by the Chinese government.

Group-IB experts found remnants of the code that was previously used. All attacks are unique and have characteristic features of already well-known hacker groups targeting the sites of the East Asian and Russian public sector, industrial and energy enterprises, as well as logistics and transport companies. We are talking about two cyber groups TaskMasters and BlueTraveller, well known to experts and connected, according to experts, with the Chinese government.

It is noted that hackers use two versions of the complex Webdav-0 Trojan, which is embedded in any server infrastructure and disguises itself as Yandex services.

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