Chinese manufacturer has released a budget model of a robot dog

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Chinese manufacturer has released a budget model of a robot dog

Chinese manufacturer has released a budget model of a robot dog

In addition to the well-known Boston Dynamics, there are many companies in the world that develop four-legged robots. The Chinese company Unitree Robotics has launched the Unitree Go1 robot dog on the market, according to portal.

According to journalists, the price of the new product starts at $ 2,700, while the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics costs $ 74,500.

As the manufacturer's demo suggests, the Unitree Go1 can successfully follow the owner while jogging or carry a water bottle.

The Spot robot model is mainly focused on commercial use for various jobs, and the Chinese novelty is primarily intended for the general public. Unitree aims to make four-legged robots as common and popular as smartphones and drones.

Only one version of the robot dog is currently presented on the manufacturer's website, but there are three modifications in total – the Go1 Air model for $ 2700, Go1 for $ 3500 and Go1 Edu for $ 8500. The weight of the device, regardless of the model, is about 12 kg, the differences lie in the use of more powerful processors and the availability of additional sensors. Older models are capable of speeds up to 17 km / h. The working hours of the robot are not specified, but the company is positioning the novelty as a “companion for the whole day”, which may be a trick of marketers. So, Spot from Boston Dynamics can work up to 90 minutes, after which the battery needs to be charged.

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