Chinese rover sent “selfie” and photos from Mars

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Chinese rover sent

The Chinese Mars rover “Jurong” transmitted “selfies” and other photographs from Mars to Earth. This was reported by the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

Three pictures were taken by the rover's own cameras. To take a selfie, he had to move about 10 meters south from the landing platform, leave the camera on the surface, and then return to the starting position.

Chinese rover sent

The Jurong also snapped panoramic photos of the Utopia Plain from the landing site and surface shots. In addition, a photo was taken of the landing platform, on board of which you can see the PRC flag and the mascots of the 2022 Olympics in Beijing – the Chinese lantern Xue Rongrong and the panda Bing Dundong.

Chinese rover sent

We will remind, on the night of May 15, the Chinese spacecraft “Tianwen-1” successfully landed on the surface of Mars. Thus, China, for the first time in its history, landed its space probe on another planet. After some time, a six-wheeled Mars rover called “Chzhurong” (“God of Fire”) separated from the spacecraft, which began work on studying the surface of Mars.

Chinese rover sent

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