Chinese rover will land on Mars on Saturday night

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Chinese rover will land on Mars on Saturday night

Chinese rover will land on Mars on Saturday night

The Chinese Mars rover Zhurong should land on Mars in the next few hours. It is currently attached to the Tianwen-1 orbiter, according to The Daily Mail.

The Zhurong apparatus is named after an ancient Chinese god. The capsule will begin its descent at 7:11 PM ET (03:11 AM ET). Experts note that during the decline, he will face “seven minutes of horror”.

This term is used to describe the extreme conditions in which the device finds itself when it enters the atmosphere of Mars and as it approaches the surface. During this time, the team of scientists on Earth completely loses contact with him.

At first, the capsule with the Zhurong apparatus will descend at a speed of more than 19 thousand kilometers per hour. But he will have to slow down to zero within seven minutes to land.

The creators of the device used a different technology than NASA in preparing the Perseverance mission. Instead of a sky crane, they relied on engines at the base of the ship to slow the descent.

If the mission is successful, China will become the third country to “land” on the Red Planet after the USSR and the USA. According to plans, the rover should land in the same area as NASA's Viking-2 mission in 1976 – on the Utopia Plain. Once on a solid surface, the descent vehicle will open the ramp, from where the rover itself will roll out.

China has not disclosed its plans for the Zhurong mission. In the area of its landing there are vast deposits of ice – the rover is likely to study them.

Earlier it was reported that Perseverance has embarked on a search for extraterrestrial life. He works in the Jezero crater.

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