Christmas card from mother-in-law offended daughter-in-law

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Christmas card from mother-in-law offended daughter-in-law

A TikTok user shared a Christmas card from her mother-in-law that she deemed “toxic” and sparked a fierce controversy among social media users. This is reported by the Daily Mirror.

The woman published an entry showing that on the spread of the postcard, the mother-in-law wrote in detail by hand how much money she spent on paying the couple's bills. “Merry Christmas, I paid 112 dollars (8.3 thousand rubles) for the Internet, 585 dollars (43.5 thousand rubles) for electricity, 697 dollars (51.8 thousand rubles) I gave just like that. Merry Christmas! ”- wrote a relative.

“Instead of just saying that she cannot afford to buy us a gift, or that she has helped us more than enough this year, she sends us this card,” the daughter-in-law complained. The author of the video noted that the help of the mother-in-law came in very handy, because she and her husband lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, she considered it impractical to remind about it in such a way and was offended by a relative.

The video got over 119 thousand likes and about four thousand comments. One user wrote, “This is not a Christmas card, but a bill.” Another noted: “Better not to help anyone, if later you are going to remind him about it at every opportunity.”

There were also those who did not agree with those who condemned the mother-in-law. “Let's first figure out why she pays your bills?” – wrote one of them. “You yourself may seem toxic to her, since she supports you, and you still expect gifts from her,” said another.

Earlier it was reported that the mother-in-law accidentally read a flirty message that her daughter-in-law sent to her husband, and was embarrassed. “I thought it was my phone. What an abomination, ”she said.

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