CIA strengthens oversight of the “Russian department”

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CIA strengthens oversight of the

Gina Haspel

Gina Haspel, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has stepped up oversight of the analytical department dealing with Russia. Politico suggests that in this way Haspel is trying to shield US President Donald Trump from information about Moscow's activities.

Interlocutors of the publication from former and current officials said that the head of the CIA has become extremely cautious about what intelligence materials related to Russia will end up on Trump's table. At the same time, a spokesman for the department, Timothy Barrett, rejected these allegations, explaining that Haspel only strengthened control over the quality of the “Russian department”.

“Studying intelligence products and processes is exactly what is expected of Director Haspel, not just because it’s her job, it’s her life’s work — finding sources, verifying information, and testing assumptions is in her blood,” Barrett said. … “She rightly asks uncomfortable questions and seeks verification and rechecking of intelligence. Any suggestion that she runs the department for political reasons is wrong. ”

According to Politico, some time ago the head of the “Russian department” was transferred to another position in the CIA. It is indicated that Haspel had a personal dislike for him. Another department employee resigned after the head of the department accused him of lying. “She [Haspel] constantly calls analysts liars,” said a former FDA official.

In July, it was reported that a high-ranking CIA official decided not to inform Trump about the alleged collusion of Russia with militants associated with the terrorist movement Taliban, banned in Russia. It was alleged that the American leader was not informed of the information received, as they were not sure of this information. The Pentagon subsequently officially stated that it had found no evidence of collusion.

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