City Council shelled in Dergachi: there are dead and wounded


In Dergachi shelled City Council: there are dead and wounded

City Council was shelled in Dergachi: there are dead and wounded/Dergachi City Council

On Wednesday, March 30, the invaders fired at the city council in Dergachi, Kharkiv region. The impact killed at least one person.

3 more people were injured. The building itself is completely destroyed. Due to the constant shelling, it is not yet possible to obtain more information about the number of victims.

The chairman of the community, Vyacheslav Zadorenko, said that the strikes on the city council were at about 16-17 hours. In addition to the city council, cruise missiles destroyed many houses in the private sector.

Power lines were damaged, traction substations were broken. There are injured people. So far, there are no exact statistics. Will be in the morning. At least three were wounded,” he said earlier in a commentary for Suspіlne.

He said that the city was constantly shelled. Over the past 24 hours, the occupiers “intensely and cynically bombed” the civilian facilities of the community.

Dergachi suffered the most, but apart from them, Prudyanka, Slatino, Bezruki were also destroyed.

Employees of the State Emergency Service, an ambulance assistance and Dergachevskiy RES all day long, saving human lives and the infrastructure of the area.

In some areas it is impossible to resume humanitarian work

Meanwhile in Kazachelopansky, Tokarevsky, Prokhodovsky, Russko-Lozovsky Starostinsky districts and in Tsupovka of the Prudyansky district, it is impossible to restore humanitarian work due to the occupation of these territories.

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