Clashes between demonstrators and police in Yerevan

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Clashes between demonstrators and police in Yerevan

The rallies in Yerevan for the resignation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan escalated into clashes with the police. This is reported by Aysor TV.

The video posted by the channel shows how the demonstrators shouting at the police and breaking through the cordon outside the Armenian Foreign Ministry and Justice Ministry.

Protesters also surrounded the government building and the attorney general's office. The government house is guarded by five police detachments.

As “Rambler” wrote, after the conclusion of peace with Azerbaijan and concessions on Nagorno-Karabakh, the Armenian opposition accused Pashinyan of betrayal, and protests began in the country.

The opposition nominated the former head of government and defense minister Vazgen Manukyan for the post of prime minister. He agreed to temporarily lead the country and threatened Pashinyan with overthrow if he did not leave himself.

Armenians in Yerevan block government buildings

Pashinyan, in response, stressed that he came to power in a legal way. He noted that the Armenian authorities had no other choice in Karabakh, except for signing a peace agreement.

The media reported several times about Pashinyan's decision to resign, but later they were denied.

Armenians in Yerevan block government buildings

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