Collaborator Rogov told the media that Ukraine was going to bomb Belgorod, Rostov and even Simferopol


Collaborator Rogov told the media that Ukraine was going to bomb Belgorod, Rostov and even Simferopol

Collaborators continue to fantasize about possible attacks on Russia/Channel 24 collage

If you are already very tired of the meme about the “preemptive strike” from Alexander Lukashenko, then we have another clown. Collaborator Volodymyr Rogov from Zaporozhye became the winner.

He told the Russian media very secret information. They say that Ukraine loves cotton so much that our state simply could not resist supplying it to Russia and the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Kyiv was preparing to attack even Simferopol

Seriously, though, then he, like all henchmen of the occupiers, prayed for frank nonsense. In particular, the fact that even before the start of the “special operation” the authorities of Kyiv were planning to hit Russia with rockets.

There should be four objects that should suffer from our attack: Belgorod, Bryansk, Rostov-on-Don, as well as Simferopol. And the data themselves, Rogov swears, are by no means sucked out of thin air. They were shared with him by “sources from Zelensky's entourage”.

We decided to play along a little with the rhetoric of the collaborator. In fact, the logic was only in the missile attack on Rostov-on-Don. Viktor Yanukovych is hiding somewhere there. The same “legitimate”, in case you forgot. And since Russia is actively “denazifying” the fields, then our military could well deal with the stumps.

In fact, in Russia, even without us, there is enough “cotton”. Explosions are heard on the territory of the aggressor country regularly. And if the Ukrainian military were really guilty of them, they would have declared war on us long ago. The Kremlin is still hiding behind a stupid “special operation”.

Why do explosions happen in swamps?And everything is very simple. Banal negligence becomes the reason that something flies into the air. We do not rule out that the inhabitants of Russia themselves can do this. At least, for some reason, the Ukrainian side is not accused of setting military registration and enlistment offices on fire with Molotov cocktails.

What is there for fresh “cotton”: latest news

  • In early May, Russian media reported about regular “claps” in Belgorod. They say that “clap” happens very loudly in the field. Of course, this makes the local population pretty worried. People who have been convinced for more than one month that Ukraine is about to attack Russia did not know where their children were.
  • Just a few days later, “fresh cotton appeared on the shelves.” And again in the same Belgorod. Then, in the vicinity of the city, residents saw columns of smoke.
  • Soon, light industry began to strain the townspeople. So another magic word appeared in the rhetoric of local publications, “layers”. Like, they fly over the night city of Belgorod.
  • And just yesterday, information appeared about large-scale forest fires in swamps. And in the same long-suffering area there was again a “pop”.

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