Collaborator who led torture in Nova Kakhovka blew up in Kherson region – media


Collaborator who led torture in Nova Kakhovka blew up in Kherson region - media

On March 17, in the evening, a car with a collaborator from Nova Kakhovka Sergei Moskalenko exploded in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kherson region. According to the media, he was involved in the abductions and torture of local residents.

This was reported at the Center for Journalistic Investigations, citing data from local telegram channels and the media.

As a result of the explosion, the collaborator's body was torn in half

According to media reports, the collaborator's car was blown up on the evening of March 17. Already after he left the building of the Jubilee settlement council of the Kherson region.

As a result of the explosion, the body of Sergei Moskalenko was allegedly torn in half. There are two main versions of the undermining: the collaborator could have died at the hands of partisans or due to internal conflicts with the invaders.

Note that so far there is no official confirmation of Moskalenko's death . The invaders are also silent.

What is known about collaborator Sergey Moskalenko

As noted in the Center for Journalistic Investigations, 44-year-old Sergei Moskalenko worked in the private security company Jaguar before the full-scale invasion. Since March 2022, he voluntarily went over to the side of the aggressors and began to help them terrorize the local population.

The collaborator headed the isolation ward in the building of the Kakhovka district police department seized by the invaders. Since then, he has contributed to the kidnapping of many local residents and torturing them.

The traitor is suspected of brutal reprisals against civilians. On September 29, 2022, the SBU reported that Moskalenko was suspected. And one of the residents of Nova Kakhovka, who was tortured in the detention center, said that Moskalenko was responsible for the torture.

Since March 2022, the police building has turned into a dungeon. The detainees were beaten and tortured with electric shocks. And every night, Russian military and local collaborators took the prisoners to the basement, stood them facing the wall and shot at them with a pistol. They tried to shoot overhead or near the ears. That's what they did with me. After these shots, I had a lot of noise in my ears, I could hardly hear anything. Some prisoners they shot for real. Sergei Moskalenko was “responsible” for these tortures, a local resident of Nova Kakhovka told the CJR.

By the way, recently in Melitopol, the car of another traitor to Ukraine, Ivan Tkach, was blown up. They tried to save the collaborator at a local hospital, but he did not survive.

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