Colorful northern lights spotted in the sky over Ladoga

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Colorful northern lights spotted in the sky over Ladoga

Colorful northern lights spotted in the sky over Ladoga

Eyewitnesses captured the colorful northern lights over Lake Ladoga. They shared the pictures on social networks. They managed to catch the flashes over Ladoga on the night of April 17, the Saint Petersburg TV channel reports.

The hunters for the Aurora Borealis (also called the aurora) were lucky with the weather: there was a fairly clear sky and a good time for the impact of the solar wind on the Earth. Despite the fact that the moon, with its low position, tried to divert attention to itself, the glow was visible to the naked eye. Eyewitnesses saw the natural phenomenon in all its glory: the stars were shining, and bright green flashes were reflected in the water surface. The radiance lingered in the sky until dawn.

In December, the sky over Murmansk was colored in all shades of green. According to ancient Norse legends, the northern lights are a bridge that connects the worlds of gods and people, but the Eskimos consider it a harbinger of good weather.

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