“Combat” 100 thousand: the Cabinet has provided compensation for injuries and captivity


Wounded defenders will receive financial rewards/getty images

Ukrainian defenders and defenders who were wounded in battle or captured will receive financial compensation – 100 thousand hryvnia each.

April 1, at a government meeting, it was decided to amend the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution of February 28, 2022 No. martial law”.

Who will receive additional remuneration

The adopted changes will allow including in orders for the payment of additional remuneration, increased to UAH 100,000, persons who:

  • in connection with an injury related to the defense of the Motherland, who are hospitalized in health care institutions, including the time of transfer from one hospital to another, or are on leave for treatment after a serious injury according to the conclusion of the military medical commission ;
  • persons captured or taken hostage, as well as interned in neutral states or missing;
  • persons who were killed or died as a result of received injuries or injuries – for the entire month in which the person died.

Also, the decision should regulate the procedure for the monetary distribution of a lump-sum benefit in the event of the death of a person and determine the full circle of persons entitled to a one-time monetary assistance .

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