Compensation for unused leave upon dismissal: what are the rights of migrants


Compensation for unused vacation upon dismissal: what are the rights of migrants

In the event of termination, an employee is entitled to compensation for all unused days of annual leave. Specialists explained what to do to internally displaced persons who plan to quit.

Chief State Inspector Vladimir Koptikov said that employees who have children or an adult child with a disability from childhood of subgroup A of group I, in case of dismissal, are also paid monetary compensation for unused additional leave.

Dismissed employees are entitled to compensation for unused vacation

Cash compensation is paid for unused days of annual leave based on the full duration in case of dismissal:

  • leading,< /li>
  • pedagogical,
  • scientific,
  • scientific and pedagogical workers,
  • specialists of educational institutions,

Please note that for this, such employees must work for at least 10 months.

When an employee is dismissed, all amounts belonging to him from the enterprise are paid on the day of dismissal. If he did not work at that time, this money must be paid no later than the next day after the laid-off worker submits a demand for payment.

Kopytkov explained that an internally displaced person can terminate an employment contract unilaterally. To do this, you must submit an application to the employment center at the place of residence addressed to the employer about the termination of the employment contract.

In turn, the employment center will inform you about this on the day the employment contract is terminated:

  • employer (by any means of communication, including electronic);
  • territorial authority of the Pension Fund of Ukraine;
  • organ of the State Tax Service

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