Complaints about “allergies” did not help: how Pasha “Mercedes” was wearing a bracelet


Complaints about "allergies" did not help: how Pasha "Mercedes" wore a bracelet

On April 1, Metropolitan of the UOC-MP Pasha “Mercedes” was given a preventive measure. However, for a long time he refused to put on an electronic bracelet, referring to his state of health.

The SBU announced the suspicion to the priest under two articles. We are talking about:

  • violation of the equality of citizens depending on their racial, national, regional affiliation, religious beliefs;
  • justification, denial of Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, glorification of its participants .

Pasha “Mercedes” did not want to wear an electronic bracelet

Late on April 1, the court granted the prosecutor's request and appointed Pasha ” Mercedes” measure of restraint – round-the-clock house arrest for 60 days with the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet.

However, putting it on the metropolitan was not such an easy task. The defendant complained about the state of his health. Like, because it is impossible to wear a bracelet. He even phoned the doctors to confirm it.

Pay attention! House arrest will be carried out at the place of registration of the metropolitan of the UOC-MP – in the village of Voronkov, Kiev region. The suspect himself claims that there is no connection, no light, and even “no place to sleep.”

However, later the priest was persuaded to comply with the court decision. An electronic bracelet was finally put on him.

However, health complaints did not stop. Pavel Lebed continued to tell that he had taken pills, which made him feel better.

They did wear the bracelet: video

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