“Complete failure”: Scholz is criticized in the Bundestag because of the unwillingness to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks


"Full failure": Bundestag criticizes Scholz for unwillingness to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks

The German government is delaying the decision to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks. Therefore, the Bundestag began to sharply criticize Chancellor Olaf Scholz, pointing to the country's complete failure.

The German chancellor ran into criticism from Bundestag deputy Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, chairman of the German parliament's defense committee. According to her, the delay in the decision to provide Leopard tanks to Ukraine is a disaster.

The delay in the provision of tanks creates the illusion of a lack of assistance from Germany

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said that Germany should give the “green light” to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks so that partners who have this equipment in service begin to provide it to our state. According to the chairman of the Bundestag Defense Committee, this would be the right move on the part of Berlin. Zimmerman.

The politician separately criticized Olaf Scholz, in particular, because of his communication with the public and noted that Germany provides great support to Ukraine, but due to the delay in the decision on Leopard tanks, it seems that Berlin does not help our state at all.

Shtrak-Zimmerman noted that there are about 3,000 Leopard-2 tanks in Europe, and even providing even a small amount of this equipment to Ukraine would be a powerful signal.

Germany and the decision to provide Leopard tanks


On January 11, in Lviv, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced the provision of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Poland will transfer the first company of Leopard tanks to Ukraine as part of an international coalition. To start deliveries, a “green light” is needed from Germany as the manufacturer of these tanks, but Warsaw says that deliveries can begin even without this decision.

The German Bundestag has already failed the vote on the decision to provide tanks to Ukraine. However, according to media reports, the German defense minister made it clear that the country is preparing to deliver Leopard 2 tanks as soon as possible if the decision is approved. Moreover, Boris Pistorius issued an order to check the stocks of Leopard tanks.

Although Germany had not made a decision on tanks as of January 21, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov told Voice of America that Ukrainian tank crews would begin training on German Leopards 2. In addition, the minister expressed the hope that Germany, in a calm manner to conduct its own internal consultations, will reach a decision on the possible transfer of tanks.

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