Confused with a fuel truck: the Russians stole a sewer truck from peaceful Ukrainians


Confused with a fuel truck: the Russians stole a vacuum truck from peaceful Ukrainians

The Russians confused a vacuum truck with a fuel truck/72 OMBR them. Chernykh Zaporozhets

Russian soldiers are not always able to distinguish between a gasoline truck and a waste truck. The occupiers should issue memos with an appeal to try the stolen taste.

Russian soldiers rob Ukrainian civilians in the temporarily occupied territories in every possible way. They are ready to steal even the only thing that Russia is best provided with in the world.

Russians' “special operation”

Russian occupiers took a “fuel truck” from peaceful Ukrainians. They put their symbol on it and happily went to drain the fuel.

I wonder what their surprise was when, instead of fuel, they saw the basis of any Russian activity. Nothing surprising: the occupiers could not distinguish a fuel truck from a cesspool. Apparently, it is not customary to clean cesspools in Russia. Realizing their mistake, the invaders left the car in the forest.

It will be interesting – the invaders confessed to self-shelling a village in the Bryansk region: video

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