Conscious work of Russia: mothers of Russian soldiers will massively search for bodies in Ukraine


Russia's conscious work: mothers of Russian soldiers will search for bodies en masse in Ukraine

For the first time in Russia, the war affected everyone, it came along with partial mobilization. When Scholz spoke about “Putin's war” until September 21, he was partly right.

About this Channel 24told polytechnologist Mikhail Sheitelman. He also noted that the Russians were not previously obliged to be participants in this war, it was enough just to cheer in front of the TV.

And now, according to Sheitelman, when all of a sudden hundreds of thousands of men from all over the country silently boarded buses on war – every Russian city has become aware of the war, it is impossible to hide it.

“This mobilization could turn into a disaster for Putin, but not only for him personally – but for the whole people,” says the political strategist.


Sheitelman believes that regional riots are now more possible than ever– mass disappearances and deaths will gradually come in the armies of infidels.

Russian mothers will personally look for the corpses of “mobiks”

Mikhail Sheitelman says that in during the war, “committees of soldiers' mothers” appeared in Chechnya, when conscripts were sent there, then these mothers went to Chechnya to look for corpses.

“I have a friend who is looking for the corpses of Russian and German soldiers. He is a specialist, has been doing this for a long time – his profile is the First and Second World War,” adds the political strategist.

He called me and warned that Russian mothers would soon go to Ukraine soldiers to find their corpses. Obviously, the mobilized Russians are not given name tokens so that nothing can be found. According to indirect indications, this is exactly what is happening in Russia now,” says Mikhail Sheitelman.

In this way, Russia hides its own crimes, as it used to do in the Soviet Union.

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