Consequences of the policy – the Air Force commented on the night “pop” in Iran


Consequences of – policy in the Air Force commented on Iran's overnight 'clap' />< /p></p>
<p _ngcontent-sc100=On the night of January 29, the cities of Iran were restless. They recorded an attack by drones on military bases and other enterprises, as a result of which fires broke out.

Yury Ignat, speaker of the command of the Ukrainian Air Force, shared his opinion on such events on the air of the telethon, writes Channel 24. However, he immediately stressed that he could not comment on events in the international sector, especially information about explosions.

Events in Iran – political consequences

So what exactly could have caused the explosions in the cities of Iran, Yuri Ignat did not say. However, he suggested that what is happening in the country can be called the consequences of their policies. In particular, we are talking about cooperation with the terrorist country Russia.

Perhaps they will direct their support to terrorist countries differently and not help Russia to commit its crimes. – Yury Ignat shared his thoughts.

Cooperation between Russia and Iran

It has long been no secret that these two states are cooperating. In particular, it is the Iranian “Shaheeds” that Russia terrorizes Ukrainian cities.

According to the representative of the Air Force command, Russia is in short supply of weapons, and therefore it wants to get them from Iran. This, in particular, is about ballistic missiles and attack drones.

But Iran also has its own interests from such cooperation, because, according to Yuri Ignat, it also has enemies in the region.

Therefore, let's hope that this country will change its most civilized political vector, – Yuri Ignat emphasized.

Explosions in Iran: briefly

  • The first explosion on the night of January 29 thundered in the Iranian city of Isfahan, where drones attacked one of the centers for the production of ammunition of the country's Ministry of Defense.
  • Almost simultaneously, a large-scale fire broke out at a plant for oil refinery in the industrial area of ​​Salimi in the city of Azarshahr.
  • Explosions were also heard in northwestern Iran, in the city of Khoy, and at military bases in Hamadan and Karaj.

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