Considered unreliable: in the Kherson region, the mobilized invaders are given the most dangerous tasks


Considered unreliable: in the Kherson region, mobilized invaders are given the most dangerous tasks

The field commanders of the Russian invader troops do not understand how they can carry out combat missions with a large number of partially mobilized. Those occupiers who were forced to serve in Russia and sent to war are not able to win the victory Putin desired.

According to sources Channel 24in the Ukrainian special services, all the “chmobiks” who are now on our territory have not undergone any real training and are not provided with anything for adequate participation in hostilities. Because of this, all officers with at least some experience understand that it is impossible to succeed in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

Nevertheless, of course, none of the commanders does anything to rebellion or training of personnel. Officers don't give a damn about the fate of their subordinates, and in which case they plan to run away, leaving them to their fate. h2>

  • The Russian command is so unconcerned about the future fate of its military that it does not provide them with anything even for basic survival.
  • Chmobiks are not given protective equipment, food, uniforms, and in some places even weapons. They are sent to the front line, where the invaders, of course, have to dig trenches. However, the Russians do not even have shovels. In order not to become an ideal target for artillery, they bite into the ground with bayonets.
  • The platoons and companies of the invaders are led by junior-level officers, who themselves are mobilized, therefore they are not able to show any effectiveness. They do not turn to top management to improve the position of the unit. However, even if they did, there would be no reaction from the headquarters command.
  • Almost every “chmobik” drinks alcohol directly in their positions. None of them want to perform any life-threatening tasks.
  • Therefore, after the very first shelling from the Ukrainian side, a huge number of mobilized people prefer to run away​. During assaults or defense, inexperienced Russians do not act in a coordinated manner, do not cover each other and concentrate on their own security.
  • Because of this, the commanders of the battalions where they sent the “chmobiks” recorded them as unreliable. They do not bring any benefit, constantly complain about life, and also do not perform combat missions in any way.

In order to quickly get rid of the burden, mid-level officers in all sectors of the front decided that the mobilized should not be pitied. The command ordered to close the holes in the defense with the mobilized as tightly as possible. Or send them on the offensive according to the scheme of using the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass: drive them into battle to clear minefields or to identify the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the expense of the lives of the mobilized.

In fact, for lack of other tactics, those drafted into the Russian army on Putin's orders perform the most dangerous tasks. Only as “cannon fodder” to save lives more valuable to the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country – more experienced soldiers.

Several thousands of groups, which the Russians transferred to Ukraine due to mobilization, consist not only of yesterday's factory workers, teachers and other civilian specialties. As part of the additional recruitment for the army, Putin's henchmen forced to go to the combat zone those conscripts who entered our territory in the first days of a full-scale invasion, but were slightly injured. Some of them in February-March committed crossbows because of the fear of meeting with the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Of course, such mobilized people are even less motivated to fight than civilians who were not fired upon. They had already seen the war and in no way wanted to go back there. However, those who had already committed crossbows, the officers threatened not to provide medical assistance in case of repetition, and also to arrange a meeting with the Kadyrovites.

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