Conspiracy blow to the Kremlin: what really happened to the Kursk submarine

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Conspiracy strike to the Kremlin: what really happened to the Kursk submarine

20 years ago, on August 12, 2000, the whole world watched the rescue operation in the Barents Sea, where the nuclear submarine Kursk sank.

At first, the Russian military denied the tragedy and then gave false hope to relatives. Although at that time the Kremlin already knew that there were no survivors on board the submarine.

But recently, the former commander of the Russian Northern Fleet, Vyacheslav Popov, stunned everyone with a loud statement & # 8212; Kursk was killed after being hit by a NATO submarine.

The vessel, which, according to his version, is guilty of the tragedy, he did not name. But experts suggest he was referring to the American submarine Memphis. According to Popov, it follows that the foreign boat was simply & # 8220; missed & # 8221 ;. He also claims that after the collision, the NATO ship resumed its operational capacity and simply left the scene of the tragedy.

This news was replicated by Russian propaganda. Although it differs from the official version of Moscow.

After all, Russia reported that the tragedy was due to a torpedo fuel leak and the subsequent series of explosions. A significant part of the crew died in the first minutes, but 23 submariners escaped in one of the ship's compartments. According to the official version, they lived for several hours, but acoustic devices recorded knocks for another 2.5 days after the accident.

Norway offered assistance in search operations, but its divers were allowed only on the eighth day after the crash. Experts think that this is due to the fact that Russia did not want to show its too low level of the fleet, which was almost incompetent.

Observer of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta Elena Milashina says that Popov promoted his version of the collision before. According to her, he is doing this to remove responsibility. Besides, Popov's position is very beneficial for Russian propaganda, because it casts a shadow on NATO.

However, Dmitry Peskov refuses to even discuss this situation. According to military observer Alexander Kovalenko, if he agrees with Popov's version, he will actually make Putin a coward.

That is, in fact, Admiral Popov inflicts a conspiracy blow himself To the Kremlin. It seems that the world will never know the full truth.

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