“Continuation of the agony for a week or two”: students may be mobilized in Russia


Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russia is considering the possibility of mass mobilization of students. However, this is unlikely to affect the course of hostilities at the front.

This will have the effect of continuing the “shared” mobilization, which has been carried out in the aggressor country since the end of September 2022. Andrey Kramarov, a military expert, told about this Channel 24.

What effect will the mobilized students at the front have?

Yes, Russia has already mobilized students to the front, so this will not give any new effect, nor will it affect the course of the war at all. Most likely, the Kremlin will come up with some kind of awkward name for the mobilized students. Like some kind of “patriotic groups of youth”.

At the same time, the level of desertion and the number of those wishing to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine may increase. Because young people value their lives more.

Kramarov also noted that the aggressor country still has to teach the newly mobilized, and this takes time – at least 3 months. In addition, they will need to be understaffed with military equipment, and it is getting scarcer in Russia.

Consequently, with this mobilization, the Russians can continue their agony on the battlefield. After all, the strength of the fire destruction of the enemy among our defenders is growing, as well as the amount of equipment, the quality and range of weapons.

The continuation of the agony at the front for another week or two is all the Russians can hope for by carrying out such a mobilization. – said a military expert.

Kramarov said whether the possible mobilization of students in Russia will affect the front: watch the video

Mobilization in Russia: Latest News

  • The Kremlin announced that mobilization into the ranks of the occupying troops had stopped. However, this is not so, because there was no decree on its termination from Vladimir Putin. At the same time, Western analysts note that the Kremlin dictator may recruit hundreds of thousands more people into the ranks of the Russian invaders.
  • During a speech to the population of the aggressor country on February 21 at a federal meeting, the head of the Kremlin continued his ideological rhetoric in order to accelerate the pace of mobilization.
  • The Kremlin dictator said that “it is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield.” According to political expert Valery Klochko, Putin is trying to convince the population of the aggressor country that it is normal to die for Russia.

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