“Control is justified, but collapse is possible”: Internet ombudsman on blocking

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“Control is justified, but a collapse is possible”: Internet ombudsman about blocking Dmitry Marinichev told what a ban on Internet resources can lead to.

Roskomnadzor demanded from foreign IT companies, including Apple and Google, to stop providing the ability to bypass the restrictions on Smart Voting. Otherwise, it will be regarded as interference in the Russian elections. Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev told on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio (radiokp.ru) what the widespread blocking of access to certain resources can lead to.

“The meaning of this position is that the state is trying to gain one hundred percent control in terms of network administration. But there is a twofold position here. Users may not like it when they restrict access to certain information. After all, we have the constitutional right to choose any information, and access to it should be open. On the other hand, this opinion is not entirely fair, because there is prohibited content, prohibited information ”,.

According to the Internet Ombudsman, our country has followed the path of not removing prohibited information, but moderating the content.

“These strategies are completely different from the point of view of the information space. Making demands on a technological intermediary is fraught with the fact that we can get into a certain world of total state moderation of the information field. Access to information will be regulated. A person will not even know that he is in a limited space of options, and not in the infinitely possible, ”he said.

Nevertheless, the expert justifies the approach of the state, but warns of the consequences.

“In the short term, the actions of the state to increase its influence are understandable, natural, simple and consistent. On the other hand, they will lead to some kind of information collapse, ”added Marinichev.

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