“Convenient, beautiful”: the network ridiculed Putin's visit to the Philharmonic in Mariupol destroyed by the Kremlin


Propaganda Russian media said that allegedly Vladimir Putin arrived on a working visit to Mariupol. Among the objects visited by the Russian dictator is the Philharmonic.

The President of Russia, on whose orders the invaders destroyed Mariupol, cynically visited the Philharmonic Putin's visit has already been ridiculed on the net.

On the published footage of the Philharmonic, the Deputy Head of the Russian government Khіsnullin boasts to the booker dictator about the “reconstruction” of the Philharmonic. He says that this is a hall with 200 seats.

Putin even sat down for a few seconds in the front row, and then announced: “Comfortable, beautiful.” However, the network noted that the only thing that has changed in the Philharmonic since 2018 is that the chairs have become cleaner.

Philharmonic Hall in 2018 and during Putin's visit / Photo from telegram channels

By the way, earlier the occupiers built cages in the Philharmonic Hall for the so-called “tribunal” over the defenders of Azovstal. However, there were no cells there during Putin's visit.

Interesting details of Putin's visit to Mariupol.

Advisor to the mayor Petr Andryushchenko noted that the Russian dictator or his double visited the city in the middle of the night. He, in fact, was brought by helicopter from the Crimea after the so-called “celebration”.

Andryushchenko also said that Putin drove along Mira Avenue and along the sea. After that, he went to the Philharmonic. The next point is the “Potemkin hole”, which is being built by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The adviser to the mayor drew attention to the fact that the sky over the city was blocked by aircraft. In addition, most of Mariupol did not have a mobile connection .

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