Coronavirus death toll in Europe exceeded one million

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Coronavirus death toll in Europe exceeded one million

The death toll from the coronavirus in Europe has exceeded one million. Reported by Reuters.

According to the agency, 1,000,062 people have died from the disease and its consequences in Europe. Over the entire time of the pandemic, more than 37.2 million cases of infection were detected in European countries.

The European continent accounts for about 30.5 percent of all COVID-19 infections in the world and 35.5 percent of all deaths from the disease caused by coronavirus infection.

Earlier, the head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen also reported on the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus in Europe. According to her, this is due to a decrease in the rate of vaccination. The culprit for this situation was the AstraZeneca company, which did not supply and did not produce the amount of vaccines that was prescribed in the contract.

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