Coronavirus patient set fire to hospital

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Coronavirus patient set fire to hospital

A coronavirus patient set fire to a hospital in Cadiz, Spain. Diario de Cadiz reports.

According to the newspaper, the man demanded to release him, and after the refusal he got an alcohol-based disinfectant gel and set the mattress on fire. The fire engulfed two wards on the sixth floor of the hospital.

The staff managed to evacuate the sick. There were no casualties, the attacker was arrested.

Due to the fire, three floors of the hospital were inoperative. Other hospitals in the city and a local school offered to accommodate patients if necessary, but the management of the affected clinic coped with the situation on their own.

On February 4, a fire broke out in the infectious diseases hospital of the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine. As a result of the incident, four people died, two more were injured. Rescuers managed to get eight people out of the fire.

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