Coronavirus weakness discovered

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Coronavirus weakness discovered

Experts from Vanderbilt University and the University of Texas Medical Branch have discovered the weak point of the coronavirus. The study was published on the MedicalXpress portal.

Scientists have found that the coronavirus genome has a special enzyme, exoribonuclease nsp14-ExoN, which is responsible for the evolution of the virus. This serves as an important target for suppressing and mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as preventing future outbreaks of new coronaviruses, said Jennifer Gribble, one of the study's authors.

According to scientists, the identified enzyme is the “Achilles heel” of the coronavirus. It may lose the ability to recombine and completely stop its action if it is possible to develop an enzyme-blocking drug.

Earlier, Russian scientists said that low doses of radiation can kill the coronavirus and not harm a person. They are studying the radiation effect on the virus together with scientists from Uzbekistan. Experts believe that radiation exposure can also be used for disinfection.

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