Coronavirus will take 10 years of life

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Coronavirus will take 10 years of life

Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor at George Mason University Ancha Baranova called the coronavirus a “new natural enemy” that is “gradually gnawing” humanity: in her opinion, the life expectancy of people due to COVID-19 will drop by ten years. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Baranova, the main scenario of a pandemic is that vaccines will “somehow work”, and the coronavirus will “mutate somehow.”

“Humanity is slowly coming to terms with the idea that the average life expectancy is falling by ten years. As long as people are young and have immunity, they cope with coronavirus or multiple immunizations, ”the biologist said.

She emphasized that with old age, people have more diseases, now they have added the coronavirus, which is why life expectancy will fall.

“We have a new natural enemy that is gradually gnawing at us,” Baranova said.

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The biologist admitted that the coronavirus could still get weaker. However, over the two years of the pandemic, it has not changed much, she stressed.

“There is natural selection in any population. And the man too. Those genotypes that are not suitable for the fight against coronavirus are dwindling in numbers, and those who are more successful in coping with the danger survive. In two or three generations, people will, on average, cope better with the coronavirus, even without drugs, ”Baranova said.

Scientists from the Oxford Center for Demographic Sciences previously said that the coronavirus has canceled the long-term progress of humanity in increasing life expectancy. As The Guardian wrote, researchers found that the pandemic caused the largest decline in life expectancy in Western Europe since World War II.

Scientists analyzed data from 29 countries and concluded that the largest decrease in life expectancy occurred among men in the United States (by 2.2 years compared to 2019), followed by men from Lithuania (by 1.7 years).

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