Corrupt officials defending Ukraine may be excluded from the Corruption Register


Corruptioners defending Ukraine may be excluded from the Corruption Register

Armed Forces of Ukraine/

NAPC notes that today it is unacceptable that the reputation of Ukrainian defenders be overshadowed by the fact of being in the Register of Corruption Officials. Therefore, they can be excluded from it if they are part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Troops, State Emergency Service or other bodies.

The NAPC has already issued a corresponding order, and the Ministry of Justice has approved it. You can read the order here.

The NAPC noted that most of the entries in the Register of Corrupt Officials relate to minor violations. For example, missing a deadline for submitting a declaration, etc.

However, such a record can have a significant impact on the reputation of an individual. Consequently, the citizens of Ukraine, who defend our state in the war against the occupier, have the opportunity to file an application with the NAPC for the removal of information about themselves from the Register of Corrupt Officials, the NAPC said.

But each application will be considered individually. Therefore, the one who plundered Ukraine, and now only pretends to defend the Motherland, will not be able to easily “whiten his reputation”.

How to file an application for exclusion from the Register of Corrupt Officials? application is required:

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