Cosmonaut Dubrov caught a detail of the module

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Moscow. September 3rd. INTERFAX.RU – Cosmonaut Pyotr Dubrov caught the cover of the electrical connector of the “Science” module, which flew into space due to the lack of a safety rope.

“I caught the cover that had flown away,” Dubrov said during the spacewalk broadcast by Roscosmos.

According to the plan, the astronauts, having removed the covers, had to tie them to the module body so that they would not fly into open space and replenish the rows of space debris. At the same time, in the course of work, Dubrov discovered that some of the covers had no safety rings.

In this case, the astronauts manually remove the covers and place them in a special garbage bag. During this procedure, one of the covers flew into open space, but a minute later Dubrov was able to catch it and put it into a bag on the second attempt.

Cosmonauts Dubrov and Oleg Novitsky are currently working in outer space. The main tasks facing them are related to the integration of the “Science” module into the ISS.

The module docked to the ISS at the end of July. The module launch dates have been repeatedly postponed. Initially, the launch of the Science module was scheduled for 2017, but was postponed to 2018 due to a blockage in the fuel system. The blockage could have provoked a breakdown of the ISS propulsion system, so the module was returned to the manufacturer for revision. Rogozin later said that the main reason for the problems with the fuel system of Nauka was not a blockage, but a defect.

The new Russian module is designed to increase the technical and operational capabilities of the Russian segment of the International Space Station. It will ensure the possibility of implementing a scientific research program in the interests of fundamental science and the social sphere, including the development and augmentation of the resources of the Russian segment of the ISS.

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