“Cotton” blossomed near Russian Kaluga: Russians imagined a drone


Cotton bloomed near Russian Kaluga: Russians dreamed of a drone

A “pop” sounded near the Russian city of Kaluga in the Kaluga region. For some reason, the Russians saw a drone there.

In Russian telegram channels, they write that allegedly “the drone exploded” near Kaluga. This incident was even commented on by the local Russian authorities, Channel 24 informs.

What is known about the explosion near Kaluga

In the photo – preliminary, the consequences of the explosion, – the message says.

Regional authorities wrote that allegedly:

  • “drone debris” did not damage civil and social infrastructure;
  • there were no casualties.

Propagandists say that allegedly at 5 am on February 6, a drone exploded in the forest. He allegedly did no harm.

According to the so-called Russian governor, the security forces were working on the spot.

The last “clap” on the territory of Russia

  • February 4 “clap” sounded in the Belgorod region. There was a fire in the factory. The fire in Borisovka could not be extinguished. And after the “clap” they announced an indefinite “yellow” level of terrorist threat.
  • According to the local governor, the Russians were not affected. However, “cotton” caused serious damage.
  • February 5, the American Institute for the Study of War said that “cotton” in the Belgorod region could further disrupt Russia's logistics in Ukraine. After all, the enterprise where the incident occurred is likely to produce important metal structures.

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