“Cotton” in Mariupol, invaders are preparing to defend themselves from Berdyansk, – Andryushchenko


"Cotton" in Mariupol, the invaders are preparing to defend themselves from Berdyansk, – Andryushchenko

There is chaos and panic among collaborators and occupiers in temporarily occupied Mariupol. The enemies are trying to stop the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and are preparing to defend the city.

The invaders are trying to build strongholds and accumulate equipment to stop the offensive of the Ukrainian forces. Mariupol Mayor's Adviser Petr Andryushchenko told Channel 24 about this.

Mariupol Mayor's Adviser noted that near the Urzuf villagethere is a “very interesting situation”.

Artillery is working there. the occupiers are trying to tell that these are training exercises, but they heard not only departures, but also arrivals. We hope that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are moving towards Mariupol. Urzuf is located at a point where there was a training ground and the Azov base. The Russians are building their base there and setting up a stronghold in case of an attack from Berdyansk, Andryushchenko explained.

According to him, the movement of enemy equipment is constantly observed in Mariupol.

“On Saturday, for the first time, we saw that the equipment went in the direction of Donetsk. It was coming from Berdyansk – 15 tanks. Then another column – 7 tanks and armored personnel carriers .This morning we saw the equipment in the reverse movement – the exit to Mangush, towards Berdyansk or Urzuf,” the official added.

Where the Russians throw their equipment near Mariupol: watch the video< /p>

He indicated that the technique marked with “circles in a triangle” moves mainly towards Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, and marked with “z” either stays in the city or moves towards Donetsk.

“That is, some movement is already taking place towards the front line… They have problems not only in the Lugansk, but also in the Donetsk direction. They pay a lot of attention to Vuhledar, where they expect a new offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to our observations, in this area front, the occupiers are trying to make a “concentration,” the adviser emphasized.

In his opinion, sometimes it looks like a chaotic attempt to “plug holes” at the front.

“We hope that this indicates that our troops are making movements in the right direction. And the official information from the General Staff is completely about this says. Yes, and in Mariupol we see, without exaggeration, the fear and panic of the occupiers. This suits us quite well,” Andryushchenko summed up.

The situation in occupied Mariupol: what is known

  • The enemy continues to transport their equipment through the temporarily occupied Mariupol. The townspeople have already reported that the cars of the invader received new marks.
  • The situation with the “filtering” of citizens in Mariupol remains tense. the invaders are very afraid of the partisans. It is known that so-called “filtering” points have been opened in the city.
  • The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a number of directions does not stop the momentum. It is not surprising that resistance is growing in the temporarily occupied territories. In Mariupol, for example, locals once hung the flag of Ukraine.

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