Could get lost and get entangled in the reeds: details of the death of a 9-year-old boy in Nikolayevshchina

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 Could get lost and get entangled in the reeds: details of the death of a 9-year-old boy in Nikolayevshchina

The village of Krivoye Lake in the Nikolaev region was shocked by a terrible tragedy & # 8212; here they found 9-year-old Arthur Vasilishin dead.

The child's father said that on the day the son disappeared, he was at home. The boy walked around the yard under the supervision of his older sister. But at some point he wanted adventure and he ran to the valley.

The alarmed father walked around the neighboring yards, vegetable gardens, abandoned buildings and even walked near water bodies. But the boy was gone. Then the agitated man called the neighbors for help.

But when he realized that he would not be able to find the child on his own, he called the law enforcement officers. They launched a large-scale search operation. Even volunteers from neighboring regions rushed to the rescue.

The groups combed almost all yards, abandoned buildings, sheds, vegetable gardens, forest belts and bushes. But even if the boy wanted to, he could not respond in any way, because he did not speak.

The search operation lasted all night. Dense fog and darkness interfered. And only in the morning, literally 300 meters from the house where the disappeared boy lived, did the locals stumble upon the body. The child was lying face down in the pond. Local residents suggest that the boy could get lost and get entangled in the reeds.

Only good things are said about the parents of the deceased in the village. They are hardworking and decent, they raised five children. The kids were always clean, well-fed and well-groomed.

The boy's father admitted that his son had already run away from home before, but the boy was quickly found. Then the man decided to enclose the yard with a fence. But this time the fence did not become an obstacle for the little adventurer.

Arthur Vasilishin was found dead on December 5. Now the police are investigating the circumstances of the boy's death. The investigation is carried out under Art. 115 (premeditated murder) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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