Could have been poisoned by carbon monoxide: father and daughter died in Borispol

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Could have been poisoned by carbon monoxide: father and daughter died in Boryspil

In Boryspil, Kiev region, under strange circumstances, father and daughter died . They could have been poisoned by carbon monoxide.

The Prudkikh family – a husband and wife, their 27-year-old daughter and 7-year-old granddaughter have recently moved into a new house.

Suddenly, the owner of the new house called her sister and said that her daughter was not breathing.

– Says: & # 8220; Alena is sleeping & # 8221;, I say to her: & # 8220; What? & # 8221;, she turned off. And then, right after a second, the call says: & # 8220; She's not breathing & # 8221;. I say: & # 8220; Call an ambulance & # 8221 ;. We arrived immediately with my husband and daughter, – says a relative of the family Alla Mikhailovna.

When the relatives arrived at the house, they saw the body of their niece on the floor, and next to a swollen blue leg her father moaned in pain. The hostess wandered around the house as if in a fog. And all this, curled up in a ball, watched by little Asya .

The doctors who arrived at the scene for some reason refused to take Alexander, they just turned around and left. The relatives took the man and his deceased daughter to the hospital on their own . The head of the family was in critical condition.

– He fell unconscious, lay for a certain time, in the same position with his leg bent. Syndrome of prolonged compression of tissues … The muscle suffers and renal failure joins, – said Yuriy Pasenchenko, medical director of the Boryspil hospital.

The first thing that came to the mind of loved ones was that someone killed his family for profit. This version was prompted by neighbors, who said that two women came to the family.

However, the police found no traces of crime in the tragic incidents . They say that the deceased Elena had heart problems since childhood, and complicated the situation with pneumonia.

& # 8212; The preliminary cause of death is pneumonia. There are no violent signs of death. In this house itself there is stove heating. We do not exclude that bodily injury on the body of the owner himself is associated with being in the house under the influence of carbon monoxide, & # 8212; says Irina Pryanishnikova, a representative of the Kiev region police.

Law enforcers assume that the whole family was poisoned … The neighbor who helped them with the move lost consciousness upon returning home.

The former owners left a fireplace in the living room, but the new owners converted it into a stove. Before the move, the house was empty for several years, so it is likely that during this time the gas boiler, ventilation or chimneys could break.

& # 8212; The danger of carbon monoxide is that literally 1% of the total volume of air in the room is enough for a person to lose consciousness and die with one or two breaths. It cannot be ruled out that it was carbon dioxide.

A person begins to feel sleepy, after a certain period he will also lose consciousness, & # 8212; said Maxim Barkhat, speaker of the Boryspil regional department of the state service for emergency situations.

Doctors fought for 52-year-old Alexander for several days, but therapy and operations did not help – the man's body could not stand it. The final answer to the causes of death should be given by experts, but since there is no crime in the case, no one has ordered inspections .

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