“Could not disappear without a trace”: each of the prisoners in Olenivka was on the list of the Red Cross


Each of the prisoners in Olenivka was on the Red Cross list/Collage of 24 channels

All Ukrainian soldiers who were held captive in the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka were on the Red Cross list. the Russian occupiers could not execute them secretly, so they came up with another cruel option.


The placement of prisoners of war in Olenovka was immediately a crime. This was stated by lawyer and scientist Boris Babich.

This category of prisoners was documented by name with the participation of the Red Cross, and therefore could not simply “disappear” as part of the criminal repressions of the occupiers, who so far came up with criminal “reasons” for their death, – Babich said.

According to the scientist, there are 2 reasons for this war crime of the aggressor:

  • an attempt to discredit the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine;
  • criminal revenge on the defenders of Mariupol.

Why did the occupiers break the law by keeping prisoners in Olenivka

The occupied village is located right near the front line. According to the Geneva Convention, prisoners of war cannot be used as human shields. The document provides that the military must be evacuated to camps located far from the front line. After all, they must be safe.

What is known about the bloody crime of the enemy

  • On July 29, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that 40 defenders of Mariupol were killed in Yelenovka, and another 75 were injured . At the same time, the enemy blatantly lied that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that attacked with their own American HIMARS missiles.
  • The General Staff immediately refuted the stupid excuses of the occupiers. They noted that the Ukrainian army complies with international standards and does not attack civilian facilities, and even more so if there are brothers-in-arms nearby.
  • In fact, it was the Russian invaders who fired at the pre-trial detention center with our defenders with aimed artillery fire. So they decided to hide the traces of mockery of the prisoners.

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