Could then replace the tanks with their artillery, – a military observer on the position of Germany


We could then replace the tanks with our own artillery, – military observer on the position of Germany< /p>

There is a definite breakthrough in the issue of providing Ukraine with German tanks, namely an agreement to train our military to operate the Leopard 2 This is a signal that our state will still receive these tanks.

The corresponding decision is a definite achievement in the tank issue on Ramstein-8. This opinion Channel 24 was voiced by the head of the Center for Military Legal Research Alexander Musienko.

There is progress in the provision of tanks

Of course, the decision to conduct military exercises to master our Leopard 2 fighters does not compare with the direct provision of tanks, which we have been very much looking forward to. However, according to Musienko, later it will be positive. Therefore, the decision on military exercises is good news, because this is not marking time.

In any case, even from the moment the decision is made to provide Ukraine with these vehicles, until the moment they are delivered to Ukraine and further to the front, a certain time must pass . Now we will have already trained units, it remains to solve logistics issues.

“This is some progress,” the military observer emphasized.

Partners nothing don't do it “just like that”

As for making the decision itself, there are certain difficulties. They are connected with the internal upheavals, politics and personal unwillingness of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

However, world opinion, the position of Ukraine and many politicians from Germany itself, who actually condemned the actions of the German Chancellor, will give a general effect that will help resolve the issue tanks.

Here the question is as follows, if Germany does not provide tanks, but would be ready to replace their supply with its own artillery – several dozen Panzerhaubitze, etc., then perhaps this somehow delayed (the need for a decision – Channel 24) and it was understandable – noted the military observer.

According to him, now the situation has somewhat slowed down. However, this does not mean that the issue of tanks has already been resolved and Ukraine has a categorical “no” from Germany.

Musienko on dragging out the issue with German tanks: watch the video

“If it were a categorical “no”, no one would decide that the Ukrainian military should learn from these tanks,” Musienko explained.

In his opinion, our partners do nothing “just like that” . The corresponding military exercises are not a “weekend walk”, these are very serious things.

Leopard 2 for Ukraine: latest news

  • Berlin will soon decide on the Leopard tanks requested by Ukraine. Now the German government continues to study this issue. However, what this decision will be is still unknown.
  • German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said that Germany would not interfere with Poland's decision to transfer Leopard 2 to Ukraine without their approval. However, according to the official, Warsaw has not yet applied to Berlin with a request to allow it to provide tanks to Ukraine.
  • On January 20, during Ramstein, German citizens protested, demanding that the authorities provide battle tanks to Ukraine. The action was organized by the Free Democratic Party of Germany.

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