Could they destroy Putin in Crimea: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told a possible scenario


Could they destroy Putin in Crimea: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told a possible scenario

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol and Crimea. Many were interested in whether it was possible to liquidate the Russian dictator.

A military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan told Channel 24 in detail about this. In his opinion, the real Putin could not leave the country.

“There won't be enough ammo for all the doppelgangers”

The security protocol of the President of Russia would not allow him to travel to the radius of destruction of some Ukrainian weapons. Roman Svitan stressed that since he was Putin's double, there is no point in “working” on him.

“They have 100 million Russians who have such doubles. By and large, there is not enough ammunition for everyone,” Svitan said.

The reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that the fact that a double of Vladimir Putin went to Crimea along the land corridor was the need to “somehow highlight” the unconstitutional actions carried out nine years ago – the introduction of parts of Ukraine into the constitutional field of Russia. In addition, it was important to do this before the planned visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The colonel explained why it would be unjustified to adjust the fire on Putin: watch the video

There was a mechanism to eliminate Putin

If the real Vladimir Putin came to Crimea, the Ukrainian side could find out about this with the help of electronic intelligence forces, which clearly track the movement of motorcades or even the movement of a “dark spot” covered by an electronic warfare system. In addition, we have the Main Directorate of Intelligence, which has information of this level, and a large partisan movement both in Crimea and in the occupied territories of mainland Ukraine.

In this way, we would definitely know and be able to correct the movement of our weapons and complete the task of “destroying target number one”, especially after the International Criminal Court handed suspicion to this, indeed, an international criminal, the military expert emphasized.

According to Roman Svitan, Ukraine had the opportunity to neutralize Putin. He also added that even the double of the Russian dictator could be “worked out”, especially on the reference points that his cortege will definitely pass. There was no mechanism for such a scenario.

Putin's visit to Crimea and Mariupol: what is known

  • In one of the published videos with Putin in Mariupol, a woman's voice is heard screaming: “It's all not true! It's all for show!” However, this did not stop the Russian dictator.
  • The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine explained that Vladimir Putin arrived in Mariupol at night, because the darkness on the street made it possible to hide the fact that the city was destroyed by Russian troops.
  • Former KGB and Russian Foreign Intelligence Service official Sergei Zhirnov said the Kremlin wanted to present Putin's trips as a spontaneous outing to show Putin as an invincible wartime leader who can visit a war zone undisturbed.

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