COVID-19 pill trials have begun

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COVID-19 pill trials have begun

The Japanese company Shionogi & Co has begun human trials of its COVID-19 pill drug. The Wall Street Journal reports.

The tests will be carried out at least until next year. They will be attended by 50 to 100 healthy people. The placebo-controlled phase of the drug trial is expected to begin later this year.

The tablets are designed for daily use. It is planned that the drug should relieve symptoms of the disease in less than a week. The drug inhibits the activity of protease, an enzyme by which the virus multiplies in the human body, copying itself.

Earlier, Australian scientists announced the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 in the form of a spray: they have already begun the first phase of clinical trials of the drug. This is a drug created using SARS-CoV2 DNA. The vaccine is administered with a device without a needle, using a jet nebulizer. The spray will penetrate the skin under high pressure and should stimulate the immune system to respond.

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