Cow dung engine to be developed for Italian Navy ships

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Cow dung engine to be developed for Italian Navy ships

Cow dung engine to be developed for Italian Navy ships

In Italy, they thought about creating a ship engine powered by cow dung for the country's navy. Fincantieri, a large Italian company, is already working on a technology for using biomass for the needs of the country's naval forces, FAN reports.

It is noted that we are talking about the processing of such products, as well as food waste into bioethanol. Fincantieri's vice president of research and innovation, Massimo Debenedetti, said biofuels based on agricultural biomass and food waste are being seen as an alternative to fossil fuels for naval ships, and the research aims to make marine vessels more environmentally friendly, he said. The expert is confident that thanks to the “fuel of the future”, Italian Navy ships will be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Earlier it was reported that the first gas station that will process gas from cow dung will open in Finland. Farmers Janne and Ville Vuorenmaa own 180 farms throughout the country. The first installation for the production of biogas from manure appeared on their farms 15 years ago, It provided the needs of the enterprise for electricity.

And in the United States, they were going to produce paper from manure. Scientists note that the traditional method requires energy-intensive, complex procedures. In the case of manure, everything is much simpler: first, the feces are treated with a sodium hydroxide solution to remove the remnants of unnecessary biomaterials, and then they are bleached with sodium hypochlorite. The main work is performed by the teeth and stomach of the animal. Experts are confident that manure as a source of cellulose will not only preserve forests, but will also become a good alternative for those regions where trees are in short supply.

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