Create an avatar: Chipping of people can begin in Russia

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Create an avatar: Chipping of people can begin in Russia

The Russian authorities are working on a new program, under which microcomputers will be implanted into people's brains for direct transmission of data from external devices. The idea of chipping citizens was reported by many media outlets.

Submitted by various publications, the document was conceived and developed at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) together with Moscow State University. It was also approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March this year. The head of state instructed the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino to work out, reports.

The implementation of the new federal program “Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation” until 2029 will require 54 billion rubles. The project assumes, among other things, the development of neurointerface technologies. These are sets of hardware systems that are able to control external devices directly using brain signals.

In addition, the authors of the document noted that it is required to build up the scientific base for these technologies and mass production of advanced prototypes. Thus, it is planned to create human-technology interfaces in order to control complex systems both traditionally and in a remote format – in accordance with the principle of remote presence, an avatar.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia they are working on the creation of an implant for the brain, which will restore vision to blind people. The device will include two parts – an internal implant and an external camera with a microcomputer. With the help of the processor, the video frames will be transformed into signals and sent to the brain.

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