Created an anti-spyware device for webcam owners

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Created an anti-spyware device for webcam owners

Fundraising for an anti-spyware device for webcam owners has begun on Kickstarter. This is a sign that alerts the user if the camera and microphone on the computer are enabled.

The device was named On Air Warning !. A small screen shows when the webcam and microphone on the computer are on. There are corresponding icons on the board, they light up when any of the devices is working. This should help people avoid the awkward situation when they did not notice that the webcam is on and do things in front of the PC that no one should see. Also, with On Air Warning! you can be sure that no one is spying on you.

The anti-spyware device works with Mac and Windows computers with Zoom and Teams programs. More platforms will be supported in the future. On Air Warning! can be attached anywhere to be clearly visible.

Price On Air Warning! start at $ 39.

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