Creative approach and comfort: a man rides along the streets of Ternopil region on a blue sofa


Creative approach and comfort: a man rides along the streets of Ternopil region on a blue sofa

On the streets of Zalishchyky, in the Ternopil region, an unusual blue transport appeared, which makes passers-by look around. And it's not about some unusual sports car, but about a real sofa.

Such transport, which can be used to travel in any comfortable position, was created by industrial engineer and inventor Arkady Fishman, who is a migrant from Slavyansk. His unusual “car” was even filmed.

Two-meter self-made blue transport

As it became known, a trip on the couch in good weather will give the “driver” only a light breeze, because the sofa develops a speed of only 10 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the approximate length of the sofa reaches two meters, the width is 80 centimeters, and the height is more than a meter.

To make move what is supposed to be in the dwellings, the inventor built a motor, batteries and a controller. Arkady Fishman brought these details from Slavyansk, which he took from another home-made electric transport – from a unicycle. According to him, he could not bring the product with him.

It lay with me. I think that I have it lying idle, I need to do something. I decided to do something interesting to cheer people up. I thought what to do, what would be comfortable to ride. As you know, the most convenient thing is to be on the couch, – said Arkady Fishman.

Moreover, at first the transport was not even a sofa, because the usual furniture would not be suitable for the realization of the idea. According to the creator, the width, height and weight of ordinary sofas are not the same. He himself thought out the dimensions, acquired the necessary materials and made a structure similar to a sofa.

What about registering a couch car

Arkady Fishman also shared that his vehicle is not subject to registration, because it does not reach the required indicators specified in the law.

The law specifies engine operating limits of 3 kilowatts and a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour. If the parameters are less, then nothing is needed. It’s like an electric bike,” said the process engineer.

Of course, in addition to law enforcement officers, such an unusual transport is of interest to local residents. According to Fishman, almost every second person was filmed during his trips. Cars also stopped to look at the sofa. So the inventor achieved his goal.

However, the blue comfortable self-made transport disappeared from the streets of the peninsular town. According to Konstantin Dunets, the vocalist of the Honey Wormwood group, on his Facebook page, it is now under repair.

“On March 10, the guys took the sofa for a ride and broke it. It is now in my storage,” he said.

Moreover, from the video of tectox Elena Pidozriloy, it became known that the sofa got into an accident. After all, the children on it decided to go to the track, which created an emergency situation. First it was confiscated by the police.

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