Crew Crew Dragon-1 climbed out of the descent vehicle

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Moscow. May 2. INTERFAX.RU – After splashdown, four crew members of the American reusable spacecraft Crew Dragon-1 were taken out of the descent vehicle, NASA reported.

“According to them, they feel good,” the agency noted.

The descent capsule with NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi, following the deployment of all parachutes, splashed down at 02:57 US East Coast time ( 09:57 Moscow time ) in the Gulf of Mexico south of Panama City , Florida .

In the landing area, where the capsule was descending by parachutes, a special search and rescue vessel GO Navigator awaited it, which lifted it aboard using a hydraulic lifting device, after which its crew was removed from Crew Dragon-1. On the ship, the astronauts underwent a preliminary medical examination and were then poisoned by helicopter ashore.

According to NASA, after transferring to the plane, the astronauts will fly to Houston.

The Crew Dragon-1 crew worked on the ISS for six months. It was the first regular flight into orbit of a new American manned spacecraft that was developed by SpaceX under a commercial contract with NASA.

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