Crimea has taught many, – analyst about the change in the position of the West on the peninsula


Crimea has taught many, – an analyst about the changing position of the West on the peninsula

The Joe Biden administration is considering beefing up Ukraine's offensive capabilities to help it strike Russian forces in occupied Crimea. However, until recently, the United States had a very cautious rhetoric regarding the liberation of Crimea.

Our allies make such statements, realizing that Russia's military power is depleted compared to the start of the war. Valery Klochok, the head of the Center for Public Analytics “Tower”, told about this Channel 24. One of their goals is to establish satisfaction for the occupation of the peninsula by Russia.

The world “swallowed” the annexation of Crimea

He noted that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that he recognizes Ukraine's sovereignty and all borders. And these boundaries were determined in accordance with the agreement adopted in Yalta after the Second World War.

The story that Putin “fed” the world in 2014, that the annexation of Crimea is something quite possible, has taught many world politicians that this can have fatal consequences. Especially after Putin launched a large-scale invasion, the expert believes.

He stressed that the war did not start on February 24, 2022, but on February 20, 2014. And the fact of the beginning of this war was the annexation of Crimea.

“And the world then” swallowed it “. If they leave everything like that, then others will consider it normal: to come, chop off a piece of a foreign country and use the bowels and whatever you want,” Klochok emphasized.

In his opinion, this cannot be, because it provokes the leaders of other countries to such actions. For example, Iran. Or North Korea, where the conflict with South Korea is still unresolved.

The United States has changed its rhetoric on the liberation of Crimea from Russian occupation: watch the video

Ukraine can be given weapons to liberate Crimea

“Therefore, world leaders understand that it is necessary to establish satisfaction. Show Russia and the whole world that this will not happen. In 9 or more years, the territories will be returned to the states, in accordance with the agreements concluded after World War II,” the interlocutor emphasized. .

He noted that now in the West there is a strong assumption that Russia will not use nuclear weapons. All received reciprocal warnings and negotiated. This means that weapons can be provided to Ukraine to liberate Crimea from Russian occupation.

“Let me remind you that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine recognized by the whole world, not Russia. And when an aggressor country takes someone else's land like a robber, this cannot happen,” Klochok emphasized.

The situation around Crimea: important

  • U.S. Senator Michael McCall called for ATACMS long-range missiles, as well as tanks, to be transferred to Kyiv. He noted that with the help of ATACMS it will be possible to strike at the military facilities of the occupiers in Crimea and the places of concentration of Iranian drones.
  • Ukraine is in dire need of long-range missiles to destroy the rear infrastructure of the enemy, in particular in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration, believes that such missiles will create significant pressure on the Crimean peninsula, and panic will increase there.
  • According to Western media, the United States is ready to help Ukraine attack Crimea. The Russian occupiers will have to come to terms with the fact that they will soon lose the annexed peninsula. Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrey Piontkovsky noted that it is clear that Ukraine will be able to return Crimea under its control.

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